The Traffic Engineering & Road Safety Division of Hi-Tech Projects LLC offer the following services:


We help cities, companies and people save time and money. Our technology makes mobility more efficient, safer and better for the environment. Be it optimizing routes, simulating virtual scenarios, modeling city networks or predicting traffic flow – what can we do for you today ?


We provide traffic signal solutions that are capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. From a simple pedestrian crossing to multiple and complex intersections, our clients can rely on our expertise in developing optimum traffic signal designs. Beside our projects, we also offer design services to clients. Through our experienced and highly professional staff, we provide complete solutions in traffic signals such as:

  • Traffic analysis and improvement recommendation
  • Design of traffic signal layouts and signal plans
  • Installations of signals
  • Modification / upgrading of existing signals
  • Operations
  • Maintenance.


Hi Tech projects LLC specialize in Installation & Operations of Traffic Control systems. We are proud to say that approximately 35% of Traffic Signalized Intersections of Oman have been commissioned/installed by us. We have team of specialized Traffic Engineers, dedicated for Installation and operations works. Our Urban traffic control system enables our clients to achieve smoother traffic flow and efficient usage of existing infrastructure. Responding automatically to traffic fluctuations, reducing journey time and improving road safety .


Hi-Tech Projects LLC offers complete maintenance and operation services of traffic signals. Our maintenance and operation scope include:

  • Regular maintenance of all traffic signal equipment and accessories to ensure everyday operations
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance that includes cleaning and painting of traffic signal poles, signal heads, controller inspection chambers and other accessories
  • 24 hours maintenance team availability
  • Modification of traffic signal based on current requirements of an intersection.


Our Hi-Tech Projects staff has a full range of capabilities to meet the broad scope of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) demands for both highway and transit facilities. The staff has hands-on ITS experience on all three phases of any system: Planning, Design, and Implementation. They’ve been involved in the development of the latest ITS technologies to monitor traffic flows, identify incidents that congested highway networks, provide communication system solutions and operate Traffic Management Centres for real time monitoring. Hi-Tech Projects provides creative ITS solutions and services to make people and goods move faster, safer and smoother.

Hi-Tech Projects offers customized solutions to enable our clients to improve the safety and efficiency of roadways and transit systems, maintain highways and plan for capital improvements, producing the most cost-effective, quality product.


Hi-Tech Projects LLC as a pioneer in ITS services in Oman offers:

  • Highway Management Systems
  • Tunnel Management Systems
  • Traffic Data Collection Stations
  • Traveller Information Systems
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
  • Incident Detection Systems
  • Mobile ITS System for Work Zones
  • Parking Management & Guidance Systems
  • Variable / Dynamic Message Signs
  • CCTV Systems & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


A Traffic Survey provides the measurement required by traffic engineers for any design, plan or control of traffic. Its resulting data is used for diverse applications, among them being:

  • Planning of roads construction/widening
  • Statistical analysis of road use
  • Origin/Destination matrix generation
  • ITS systems design
  • Designing signal control timing plans
  • Funding states for road repair
  • Toll highway audit
  • Parking facilities control.

We are associated with some of the leading brands from across the world, in order to ensure high standards of performance for collecting traffic data.

Depending on purpose for traffic counting, required type of traffic data, type of road where data will be collected, we will offer cost effective traffic counting solutions which meet necessary requirements.

Hi-Tech Projects provide Traffic Engineering Surveys & Traffic Data Collection Services including Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC), Manual Classified Counts (MCC) and Turning Movement Counts (TMC) among others. Our entire line of surveys include:

  • Automatic Traffic Counts
  • Manual Turning Movement Counts
  • Vehicle Classification Surveys
  • Axle Load Surveys
  • Parking Studies
  • Speed Surveys
  • Origin-Destination Surveys
  • Trip Generation Surveys


Hi-Tech Projects LLC always integrates safety, environmental and community concerns in its traffic engineering designs. Our staff thinks beyond just pavement. We provide creative and flexible designs that balance traditional design criteria, traffic operational needs and community concerns. Our designs cater to the specific needs and values of the local environment and community. We do not opt for high-end solutions that give priority to capacity over environmental and neighbourhood concerns. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorist traffic.

After a detailed analysis, we will propose a solution that considers both efficient traffic flow and safety to all road users.


Construction contractors, contracting agencies and others responsible for work zone safety face the challenge of providing a safe workplace while ensuring the safe movement of the public through the work zone. Highway and street construction present a complex work situation in which workers face multiple injury risks under conditions that may change without warning. Workers in road work zones are exposed to risk of injury from the movement of construction vehicles and equipment within the work zones, as well as from passing motor vehicle traffic.

The safe and efficient flow of traffic through work zones is a major concern to transportation officials, industry, the public, businesses and commercial motor carriers. Through safe organization of a work zone, the number of fatalities and injuries can be reduced and traffic operation with safety within work zones can be enhanced.

The best protection for both – workers and public traffic, is good work zone traffic control. Hi-Tech Projects can offer design and setup of highway work zones, including guidance for the development of temporary traffic control plans that determine the flow of traffic through work zones.

According to data, analysis, judgment and creativity, Hi-Tech Projects will determine the best construction strategy for a given scenario. Considering all the factors, we will provide the fundamental information for the contractors if an individual operation warrants the need for positive protection. In determining the adequate level of protection, we take into consideration the duration of works, clear zone distances, roadway geometry, anticipated construction year traffic volumes, work zone speeds, roadside geometry, workers safety, traffic safety, pedestrian safety, etc.


Public and private clients including private companies, medical and educational institutions, airports, resorts, and hundreds of communities can rely on Hi-Tech Projects for help in planning for the increased need for parking that Progress brings. In designing parking studies for our clients, we know that it is critical to carefully estimate future parking needs and improvement options. In identifying these needs and shortfalls, we develop innovative, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions that satisfy immediate and future requirements.

We provide the following engineering services:

  • Parking LAW recommendations: We suggest City, State or County Parking and Enforcement Law recommendations depending on the state’s jurisdiction and possible enforcement methodology.
  • Parking MANAGEMENT recommendations: After understanding and learning the management infrastructure of the state or city government, we recommend by providing Organization Charts, Personnel Selection Criteria, Service Methodology & Workflow diagrams to the city or state.
  • Parking ENFORCEMENT: We support with On-Street & Off-Street Enforcement Management and control with recommendations on interface & interaction between different semi-governmental and governmental establishments to fully implement and enforce the Parking Law, including design & installation of Parking Signage.
  • Parking SURVEYS: We provide Parking Occupancy survey, Parking Terminal & Parking signage Location survey, Solar survey, GSM/GPRS survey, GPS survey and finally Topographical survey complete with Parking Equipment location corridor drawings.


The Road Safety Audit is a systematic and independent assessment of the safety performance of a road infrastructure project. Following the principle “Prevention is better than cure” the RSA makes it possible to design and construct road traffic facilities as safe as possible. Hi-Tech Projects LLC performs RSA during the design stages, construction, commissioning and after operation. We are associated with international companies well known in the RSA business. Also, our staff is the holder of ROSPA’s Certificate of Professional Competency in Road Engineering.

The Road Safety Inspection (RSI) is systematic field study, conducted by road safety expert(s), of an existing road or section of a road to identify any hazards, faults and deficiencies that may lead to  serious accidents. This makes it possible to evaluate existing road traffic facilities and improve upon the road safety performance.

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